The most advanced, step-by-step influencer marketing program fully engineered to uncover YOUR perfectly matched influencer partnership, speed up your execution, and amplify your results, no matter what level of marketing background you have to help you market your brand or business.

Create the campaign and the continued personal & professional success that you CRAVE.

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Craving YOUR Piece of the
Influencer Marketing Pie?

If there was a predictable step-by-step method for attracting a steady surge of perfect influencers to your company EVERY SINGLE DAY without the lost hours of research, strategy overwhelm, or crippling, ‘I-don’t-know-what-I-don’t-know’ syndrome...

Would you finally feel in control of your company’s marketing destiny…

  • After you single-handedly increase the company’s sales?
  • Once you’ve finally figured out how to get more customers to your site?
  • After your brand is getting mentions from customers on social media

Every day, with a signed contract in hand, THOUSANDS of your most valuable potential influencers are linking arms with your COMPETITORS and creating massively successful influencer marketing campaigns together.

Question is:

Why aren't they linking arms with you instead?

The growth of your business rests heavily on the answer to this question.

If you know WITHOUT A DOUBT that...

  • You’re not reaching enough qualified influencers
  • You’re wasting too much time (and money!) on shoddy strategies
  • You're not blowing your campaigns out of the online waters
  • You’re not putting your company in a position for business growth
  • You’re certainly not creating the brand awareness like other companies

Then Keep Reading...

Cause what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you reflect on a few weeks from now, when you’re the business marketing genius after signing the PERFECT influencer, the campaign you ran has just hit record engagement, and overall company sales are growing and growing.

But First...

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You’re an entrepreneur.
A doer.
A business builder.

You’ve started your business or ‘career’ with a full tank of motivation, and you’re working your way towards business growth for the last several years.

Business Growth to you means the... ...

  • - Gratification that your brand is reaching lots of people while having an inbox of happy customer testimonials to support it
  • - Ability to see your company grow month by month
  • - Lifestyle to enjoy trendy dinners out in the city on Saturday night
  • - Referrals from influencers that turn into customers
  • - Ding-ding-ding of notifications on your iPhone from increased engagement, followers, and customers

You're ready to make your dent in the
influencer marketing world

You already know how brilliant the concept of influencer marketing is:

Using a trusted influencer who is well respected with a loyal following to promote your brand.

Because let's face it..

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is. It’s what the consumer tells each other it is.”

Yep. Consumers are trusting that if the influencer they adore loves the product, then they will too.

So the answer is simple: 

Run an influencer campaign with the perfect influencer to skyrocket sales.

The result: not so simple!

To begin, you’ve pillaged through every promising advice article, bought into every formula to keep up on the ever-changing social media strategies, and learned what you could in the up-and-coming-market.

But your campaigns are not producing the results that you visioned. 

Your current influencer campaign strategy feels pieced together (and sooooo 2018), and you're failing to attract a steady stream of leads to make any of your relentless hustle feel worth it...

And like all the current filters skewing social media, there is so much wasted money, misguided strategy, and failed attempts that other glamorous posts aren’t showing about the Influencer Marketing world. 

Things like...

  • Putting in SO much time, research, and money in for oh-so-little results (If you could juuuuust be connected with the right person)

  • Not being able to negotiate the right fees with partnerships

  • Hidden costs of software, contract fees, and legal consults

  • Tracking your ROI (who knows if it’s even making any money?!)

  • Industry tools, shortlisting talent, and every important aspect that you’ve yet to realize is A NECESSITY

You're working hard on campaigns but still feel:

  • Fuzzy (and not in a jimmy buffet margarita way)

  • Frustrated by your lack of progress

  • Stagnant (in both the campaign and your career)

What you're doing doesn't seem to be working.

And you’re doing A LOT.

With all that intense effort and commitment, isn’t it time you actually started receiving some damn payoff?

With the amount of research, time, and money you’ve invested in growing your influencer marketing career, you DESERVE that payoff. 

You deserve to be the powerful and profitable business owner or branding expert maven who is exponentially monetizing your marketing department 

Instead of constantly being air-dropped into a marketing battlefield of contradictory advice, inconsistent results and zero glory.

Take a look at these stats...

How would Launching a Beyond-Successful Influencer Campaign Up-level your Work AND Personal life?

Would it mean..

... Your brand is finally THE BRAND that many people and influencers talk about?

.... Business growth where you can start paying those business loans back?

... Turning your brand into the brand that people buy?

Let's be real:

You’re not asking for a magic 1MM dollar campaign (but that would be nice)

You just want to increase your company’s brand awareness, sales, and fulfill your company’s mission without spending the next 10 years trying to get there.

You want to learn the marketing influencer game, sure - but you want to learn it so well that you can find the PERFECT influencer partnerships for your company and drive in a top-notch campaign.

You need the right method to make a big impact with conservative spend

You KNOW this can be a brand builder and possibly a money maker for your company -And lucky for you, so does your boss-
(Helloooo, stats don’t lie with $7 ROI on every $1 spent)

You want to learn the marketing influencer game, sure - but you want to learn it so well that you can find the PERFECT influencer partnerships for your company and drive in a top-notch campaign.

You just need the right foundation, direction, and resources to connect with the PERFECT influencers  for your brand to explode

So you've been presented with two options. 

You could:

1) DIY The Campaign

Just you and your computer. 

You can scrounge up every post and pin on the internet while sifting through what’s legit and what’s junk. 

Trudge through the overwhelming amount of articles that Google throws at you, then cut and paste together a one-size-fits-all budget.

Search for hours and hours for the right influencer.

(Heck, you might still be an influencer on the side yourself, so this part sounds like your jam)

Yet with so many unknowns and roadblocks that need to be solved in real time, money will be blown on wasted campaigns..

Your work will stay stagnant by not meeting quotas or expectations.

What will you have to show your boss after days upon days of research and still no clear-cut plan?


2.) Hire an agency to do it

Wipe your hands clean and hire a third party to step in.

Sure, it's an option.

If you're game for $5,000 monthly agency bills. 

And $1,700 monthly in new software to keep it running (this doesn't include payment to the influencer, either)

Oh, then you still need to pay someone to keep the campaign running…

The option that comes from 20+ years of tested and proven real-world experience, that has cut ad spend by 30%, and has brought in 100’s of thousands of dollars for marketers. 

The option that allows you to:

Off-load wasted hours of research. 

Off-load wasted time on partnerships that don’t benefit your brand.

Off-load your bosses skepticism, frustration, and your own lack of confidence.

Off-load it all. 

And let’s ON-BOARD a step-by-step customized plan so you can execute an influencer marketing campaign that brings in a
fresh stack of soon-to-be buyers who resonate with your new partnership and aren’t afraid to punch in their credit card details to prove it.

You want to leverage the growing industry.

The Good News Is...

Option #3 Is More Attainable Than You May Think

If you’ve made it this far, you already know that running an effective Influencer Campaign is critical to the success of you and the company you work for.

But maybe you didn’t know that by creating an Influencer Marketing campaign with the 4-step method I’m about to share with you, you’ll have the power to:

  • Attract higher profile influencers, grow your audience, and make a real impact within your market

  • See immediate WINS in your processes & how you organize campaigns

  • Instantly measure your return on investment with ease

  • Insanely grow your brand while creating relationships that amplify your network

Yes, these outcomes are totally within reach for you (whether you’re running your first campaign or hitting reset for the 134th time)...

... But they DO depend on taking a straight-line, 
step-by-step approach to get there

One that leverages the most proven, up-to-date influencer campaign strategies for your brand or corporation while dodging past unengaged audiences, ad blockers, and unloyal relationships.  (Yes, it happens a LOT)

One that's been my secret weapon for bringing in $110K + with ONE campaign launch.


One that you’ll excitedly point back on a few weeks from now when your department is standing around the water cooler in awe of the influencer with 20K+ followers, 10K+ email subscribers, and engaged followers who YOU just signed on the dotted line. 

And if You’re Still with me, I Couldn’t Be More Excited to Introduce the Exact Framework that will Take you From your Marketing Misfires to a Marketing Master...


The most advanced, step-by-step influencer marketing program fully engineered to uncover YOUR perfectly matched influencer partnership, speed up your execution, and amplify your results, no matter what level of marketing background you have.

3 Ways The Influencer Marketing Roadmap Will Make You The Sought-After Office Unicorn

  • A Match-Making Masterclass:

    A concept that breaks down every single strategy and phase of leveraging ONLY the perfect influencers for you and your brand. Learn the secret question to ask to guarantee your partnership will be pure money-making bliss.

  • 4 Fully-loaded Modules:

    These pillars carry a combo of theory and practice, plus real-life lessons and examples to give you a broad foundation + execution of Influencer Marketing. The focus is on a systematic strategy and real-life practice.

  • $8000 worth of bonus Templates + Swipe Copy!

    Learn exactly what to say during the selection criteria and negotiation phase. Use the SAME templates big corps do. Copy the most powerful emails in Influencer Marketing.

Ultimately, you get to bang out your OWN high-converting Influencer Marketing Campaigns in a few short work weeks so you can link arms with your ideal influencer (even if you don’t think they exist) and begin to make sales like the determined boss babe you are. 

This course is built not only for inspiring business owners...

But for entrepreneurs, social media pro’s, past influencers themselves looking to jump to the other side of the online deal, and ANYONE in the marketing world who stands to benefit from nailing down their campaign launch with clarity, direction, and real-world strategy.

Ready To Get Started?

Choose Your Preferred Package

Here's how:


Activating Your Influencer Marketing Foundation

This is where you’ll create a bulletproof foundation for running your next campaign with surefire confidence. 

Remember, the main reason you get overwhelmed with all the Influencer Marketing tactics at your disposal is because partnerships aren’t rooted in a SOLID foundation. Here’s a Truth Bomb for ya - the optimistic ‘Hire an Influencer in a Day’ tools are a straight-up phony - there are no shortcuts for award-winning campaigns! (There is, however, a proven strategic framework that you’ll be getting your hands on)

By the time you’re finished with Module #1, you’ll have outlined a clear-cut plan that IMMEDIATELY delivers value and breathes life into every other aspect of your campaign. Skimping out on this section is the Number One reason campaigns don’t reach its potential. Don’t worry - I won’t let you add to that statistic.

Here’s how we’ll get you there:

  • Preparation Blueprint: Finally curb the hours of wasted research agony when you receive the Preparation Blueprint for step-by-step research, audit structure, FTC Laws, ranking tools and ALL facets of setting the groundwork for a campaign that produces a CLEAR return on your investments

  • Design How to Get What you Want: Based on my proprietary strategy of getting clear on your own business, you will then define who your target audience is, your goals for the campaign, and exactly how to get IT ALL. 

  • Carve out the Playing Field: To ensure a solid Influencer Marketing foundation, you’ll get an all-access pass on where I find my decision making data + how to analyze numbers and interpret them to select key players for your campaign

Design Your Perfect Strategy

You’ve set down your Influencer Marketing Foundation and now have a confident outline that will propel you forward in your campaign. Awesome!

The most common misconception when it comes to strategy and budget development is under-estimation! This means underestimating your budgets, underestimating your specific goals, underestimating the ease of finding the right influencer, underestimating the time it takes to negotiate, sign contracts, onboard and implement.

Here’s where you’ll add horsepower to your Influencer Marketing engine by banishing any wrongful estimations and false clarity. You’ll choose the exact Influencer Marketing track that aligns with your vision, budget, and campaign goals so you can map out a clear strategy to sign influencers who will launch your campaign to next-level success. 

Here’s how we’ll get you there:  

  • Budget Like a Boss: Yes, I make budgeting sexy! You will create a budget that leans on the values and goals of your campaign and leverages the best influencer deals possible

  • Zero Budget Doesn’t Mean Zero Strategy: Nada! Discover how to effectively communicate, position your product and align your objectives with your influencer, no matter the size of your budget. These real-world teachings are the secret sauce to finding the sweet spot between influencer pay rate and social media followings

  • Choose Your Track Option: There are four influencer categories to solidify your ideal avatar - this is where we dial up your authority by pivoting potential influencers into the appropriate influencer category

Execute Your Perfect Influencer

This is where things get fun - real fun. (Yes, you can have fun at your J.O.B!)

You’ve set your foundation, you’ve designed a rock-solid strategy, and now you’re ready to kick things up to a whole new level of implementation - the same execution that has fueled the success of your competitor’s campaigns and other experts that you look up to. 

Many of you will be tempted to start here, but I PROMISE you that if you stay with the course and do things in the right sequence, the strategies below will be exponentially more powerful. 

  • Methodical Outreach to Influencers: How to find, choose, and connect with influencers - all with an end-goal strategy

  • Outline of Content and Preparation for Launch: Resource to track research criteria and rank influencers. Plug into this formulaic templates to identify the type of influencer that will strategically resonate with your brand

  • Tap into your Innate Creativeness: Strategy hacks, a plan that can grow, all sprinkled with a little personality 

Launch Your Next Money Makin’ Campaign

By now, you have built out every aspect of your Influencer Marketing campaign - it’s time to bring it to life. You’ll get a deep dive into all the latest strategies and my own successful documents that have taken years in the trenches to create - you’ll be itching to swipe and implement ASAP.

Soon, this is what you’ll be implementing:

  • The Mastersheet: Complete this, “Keep your Ducks In a Row” working document that alleviates any overwhelm from initial onboarding to campaign completion. This mama of all guides is what accommodates a smooth launch and execution - knowing the content status, upcoming publish dates, and full communication with all members who may be involved in the campaign. 

  • Go LIVE and manage your campaign like a pro: Here’s where we create magic, lady. You’ll be gently lead through the ultimate training and documents to organize internal updates, approval status’ and final deals with your new influencer. Open up the floodgates to more of EVERYTHING: customers, connections, accomplishments, and revenue.

We’re so passionate about partnering with you to launch your next winning influencer campaign.

Due to the immediate, direct access to all course materials, videos and assets, we do not offer refunds of any kind. Please read the details and description of each module on the sales page so you understand exactly what you are buying. It’s like registering for a college course. 

If you register with the intent to learn, but don’t show up, the school doesn’t give you a refund. Same rules apply here. Please do not enroll if you just want to "check it out." We have put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this program, and we expect you to do the same. 

The Influencer Marketing Roadmap is for serious students only, and we are firm on our refund policy. We are COMPLETELY invested in making sure you have the best experience possible, so please email us with any questions about enrolling and we will always give you an honest answer so you can make the best decision for you.

Questions your fellow leaders asked before saying YES to The Influencer Marketing Roadmap

1. This all looks good - but what if I can’t afford it?  

If you’re in business and wanting to leverage the growing force of Influencer Marketing, this is the time to get in the game - our payment plans will accommodate all levels finances, too.

If you’re a business owner then this is a write off!

If you’re an employee, then your company likely has a marketing budget to pay for it. (Go check!)

And if you’re looking to get a higher paying job in the near future - these are the marketable skills that hiring committees are on the hunt for. 

This is your economical option that removes all guesswork or any hidden fees that others try to squeak in. 

From within every inch of my soul, I have made this course attainable for you to cash in on the growing influencer marketing industry. With this market on the climb, the price to learn the ins and outs are going to jump drastically, making it less accessible for you to learn down the road.

Current pricing allows you to gain lifetime access, which INCLUDES any future updates. Come join the other brands who have benefitted in weeks from my 20 years of grinding. 

2. How are you certain that it will work for my business?

Even though my training is heavily suited for B2C business, my industry agnostic approach allows you to take the proven strategies, apply it to your brand, and flush out a plan that will work for you. 

IF you are willing to do the work, YOU WILL SUCCEED IN THIS COURSE. 

3. I’ve read dozens of books, articles, and past courses on Influencer Marketing - how is this any different?

So have we, nothing wrong with that!

But the mission here is extremely focused and outcome based. 

You won’t find any stagnant theory or out-of-date advice here. You certainly won’t find mounds of options that lead you further down a rabbit hole like every search engine is bound to throw at you. You will only find the latest trends and real-life strategies that will launch your profitable campaign. 

And if you need more hand-holding than reach out to me! I’m a real person beneath these words of wisdom!

4. Can I do this By Myself if I am a 1-(wo)man show?

Yes! The templates you will receive will help with your entire process and organization -  whether you are running the campaign yourself or with a team.

These templates are an invaluable resource that will help you every single step of the way as you navigate through the confusing (though insanely rewarding) influencer marketing campaign waters!

Use these templates to:

  • Keep track of dozens of influencers in a detailed and organized manner without skipping a beat.
  • Use swipe copy for flawless proposals. You will learn exactly what to say during the negotiation phase to present your targeted influencer with an offer that they simply cannot ignore.
  • Take advantage of the proven systems and methods that the big, successful brands use.
  • Be coached on crafting a powerful deal that overflows with effective, persuasive copy. 
  • Plug & play with calculations and different numbers to predict your success. 
  • Save TIME with a proven process that is EASY and takes away a ton of the leg work!

Stop underestimating yourself, your budget, your goals, and the time that is involved. Let these templates map all of that out for you in a digestible format. 

These templates are worth over $8000 in value. You get them for FREE as part of the course!

5. I’ve searched for my perfect Influencer before. They weren't out there! 

Sometimes they are hard to find - but they ARE out there. There are hundreds of thousands of influencers out there for every type of business, it sometimes just takes time to find the ones who will resonate with and accelerate your brand. This course will help you identify who they are and will set you both up for success!



Featured on Bloomberg, Business Wire and named as eHow 100’s: Showcasing Real Women Moving From Information to Influence- Susana Yee is a Marketing Pioneer for the ages. She has partnered with some of the biggest consumer brands including leading the 2012 GUESS campaign and the 2016 Ecovacs campaign - single-handedly sending both their campaigns viral and generating record-breaking revenue.

Her accomplished background in marketing, influencer strategy, and Digital Everything, has established her as one of the most influential women in marketing today. ~~

With 20+ years as a Marketing Strategist, I have dedicated MY career to up-leveling YOURS, and I will be giving you every single template, cheat sheet, lessons, and strategy that you need to be profitable. Anything that I have used to successfully run my campaigns - you will have, too.


You will receive every bit of ammo you need to launch + execute a wildly profitable
Influencer Marketing Campaign all for only 

ONE payment of $1497

Secure your place in the Influencer Marketing Roadmap VIP Mastermind for only $2,997. You get SIX Weeks of specialist Group Advisory Calls with Susana. This alone is worth a year's salary! 

That means as you work your way through The Influencer Marketing Roadmap, we will jump onto LIVE weekly calls to flesh out your progress, enjoy hot-seat coaching, and answer ALL your Q’s!

- PharmaNAC, BioAdvantex Pharma

- PharmaNAC, BioAdvantex Pharma

“Susana helped me realize the POWER of Social Media”

Create the campaign, the career, and the continued personal & professional success that you CRAVE.


 Introducing the Influencer Marketing Roadmap Payment Plan! For just 3 monthly payments of $647, there's really no excuse for you not to join.?

The Influencer Marketing Roadmap Is Perfect For You If You

  • Have worked on Influencer Campaigns already and have experienced the WRATH of endless research, misguided strategy, and lack of results

  • Crave your own for finding Influencer Partnerships

  • Have no problem investing a couple hours a week, as long as you know that every bit of energy is focused on a MEANINGFUL plan of attack and a profitable campaign

  • Want expert help and proven strategies to build your platform and get in front of loyal and returning customers

  • Have thrown dollars at social media platforms, (not-so)promising partnerships, and have yet to strike gold on a successful campaign. You’re craving the experiences of honest and profitable still-in-the-trenches Influencer Marketers

  • Are a boss or leader looking to equip your employees with unique training and resources, so you don’t have to outsource or hire an agency

  • Are a learner, implementer and a doer, and want to take advantage of the influencer marketing movement by learning coveted marketing skills

The Influencer Marketing Roadmap isn’t for…

  • Businesses who don't understand the value and sales that other campaigns (including their competitors) are currently running

  • Leaders who don't like implementing. This is for your co-worker who DOES!

By now, you already know that the difference between a money-making campaign with the perfect influencer partnership that YOU reaped the glory of signing


The struggle of losing money on campaigns, wasting time, and a whole lotta mismatched partnerships...

Is found in the PREPARATION and the PLAN




Here’s everything you’ll get inside The Influencer Marketing Roadmap

Module 1: Activating Your Influencer Marketing Foundation

Lesson 1: Course Objectives
Lesson 2: Knowing your Business
Lesson 3: Discovering your Influencer
Lesson 4: Sticking to the Rules: Guidelines and Industry Laws

Module 1: Activating Your Influencer Marketing Foundation

Module 2: Design Your Perfect Strategy

Lesson 1: Work Within your Means
Lesson 2: Strategy Option One: Micro-influencers
Lesson 3: Strategy Option Two: Free products
Lesson 4: Strategy Option Three: UGC campaigns
Lesson 5: Strategy Option Four: Contests

Module 2: Design Your Perfect Strategy

Module 3: Execute Your Perfect Influencer

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Shortlisting Talent
Lesson 3: Negotiating

Module 3: Execute Your Perfect Influencer

Module 4: Launch Your Next Money Makin’ Campaign

Lesson 1: The Mastersheet
Lesson 2: Preparation
Lesson 3: Measuring Success
Lesson 4: Lessons Learned

Module 4: Launch Your Next Money Makin’ Campaign

Influencer Roadmap: Experience this groundbreaking course for a limited time price!

Influencer Roadmap Mastermind VIP: In addition to the Influencer Roadmap, experience a program that includes SIX weeks of LIVE Group Advisory Calls

Get ready to experience a campaign different than any you have ever launched before. 



“Susana combined strategy with detailed and thoughtful execution to help my business build out our social media presence.”

- Brian Thomas, Co-founder at Clutter

Learning a new set of skills is good. 

Learning a new set of EXPERT skills is better. 

Help your boss be the brilliant one who promotes within

- instead of hiring a new employee to fill the role -

Cuz now YOU’VE got the skills to be the office’s Go-to Influencer Marketer.

Let’s turn that goal of yours into a reality. 

You + The Influencer Marketing Roadmap

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